Participant Testimonials

Volunteers, teachers and students testimonials participating in the project
Greenovation Challenge: youth skills development for innovation in sustainable development

I believe that the time spent in Greenovation Camp, Sandane, Norway was a special experience for all those involved: participating students, teachers, organizers, mentoring volunteers.
The exceptional organization, down to the smallest details, contributed to the success of this great event. I was extremely pleasantly surprised how they managed a harmonious combination of practical activities, with teamwork, socialization, coordination and sharing of innovative ideas of the participants, and the competition. Presentations of the multinational teams, well considered and prepared responsibly, demonstrated that it can be searched and found solutions to some problems facing mankind and that, put together, these ideas can become more realistic and valuable. On this occasion, friendships have foster that will lead certainly to future collaborations.
Thanks to JA Romania team, and also to the Norwegian organizers for the opportunity and for considering necessary the expertise of specialists from Romontana Association in this project. With much love, we’ll be present to the future activities.

dr. ing. Danut Ungureanu, Vicepresident Romontana

The participation in Norway at the project Greenovation Challenge was one of the most enjoyable and useful activities I was involved in. I want to congratulate them on this path, firstly these wonderful students for how they approached the received topic (renewable energy), for the way they worked in multi-national teams and how they behaved these days spent together. Lastly, I really appreciated the effort of Junior Achievement Romania and Ungt Entreprenorskap Norway for the exemplary organization of this action, but also the work of teachers and coordinators. I am convinced that the project Greenovation Challenge will achieve its objectives and certainly all these activities will have the desired impact and, of course, continuity.
Adrian Radu Rey, General Manager, Romontana

The main coordinates on which project Greenovation Challenge has been held are represented by proactive thinking to identify sustainable solutions to various problems identified in mountain areas and by concrete initiatives, logical and simple to put into practice by students from participating high schools, thus becoming more than solutions to solve some needs, getting symbolic value. This process was facilitated through networking, proving once again the decisive role of dialogue as a facilitator for shaping sustainable communities. We are glad that we could contribute to the success of this project and forming sustainable attitudes among the younger generation.
Coca Andrei, Project Assistant, Romontana

The project Greenovation Challenge, through practical activities undertaken in class on issues of sustainable development, through student participation in activities of environmental protection and real involvement in the community and communication with local authorities, preparing projects for the various stages of the competition, through permanent consultancy offered by volunteers experts on environmental issues and sustainable development and Junior Achievement representatives, has managed to develop civic skills and attitudes in young people, helping them to become active citizens.
Congratulations to the organizers for the lesson that we, teachers, have received it about the meaning of a different school, a school that prepares young people through quality experiences that develop life skills in the field of active citizenship, employability, leadership and entrepreneurship community!

Dorina Mormocea, coordinator teacher, National Computer College- Piatra Neamt

The participation in Greenovation Challenge was a unique experience, highly regarded by students who were actively involved. The whole competition was a challenge and inspiration which prompted students to discover their skills, skills that may not know that they possess. Unity in diversity has been materialized in the activities undertaken, the spirit of the competition by providing the best solutions for environmental issues taken into account.
Cuţuhan Mihaela, coordinator Professor, Alexandru cel Bun College - Gura Humorului

Few high schools in Romania had the chance to participate in an international project to enable them to solve a problem of sustainable development in the area in which they live. I enjoyed very much that Mircea Eliade High School was selected and that several teams of students have spent much time and energy to complete them. Working on this project helped me to know my students better and was a very good opportunity for them to realize that if every citizen has a responsible behavior, the the whole community will prosper.
Greenovation Challenge offered the students the opportunity to cooperate, to make connections between existing and potential resources, identify problems of the community in which we live, to find solutions, to transform causes into objectives and activities and to promote their project.

Doina Pătrunjel, coordinating teacher, Mircea Eliade High School - Întorsura Buzăului

This project gave students the opportunity to express their ideas on environmental protection, to reflect on these situations in the local community, to try to find viable solutions applicable in a given context. Also, the students worked in teams, have discovered the advantages of this type of activity, have become closer, felt the importance of involvement, of volunteering for solving common causes. For me as a teacher, the work on this project was a very beneficial addition to the classic work, which gave me more satisfaction, because of the direct contact with reality, with the way of thinking and acting of the students. We could all benefit from the development of life skills useful both now and in the future.
Melia Antal, coordinating teacher High School O.C.Tăslăuanu Topliţa

Greenovation Challenge was for me one of the most important projects I have participated so far. Within it we I have accumulated numerous theoretical and practical knowledge. I also managed to work well in a team. Each member had his tasks well established. We helped each other so that the final product would be a quality one.
Student, National Economic College Andrei Bârseanu - Brasov

The involvement in the project was one of the best things of this school year. We can say that we have developed the ability to write a project, we have enriched our knowledge about environmental protection and sustainable development of the area where we live in, identifying and solving a problem in the community and if we manage to implement the project to the end, then we can say that we left something behind us!
Student, Constantin Brancoveanu High School - Horezu

It is the first time I took part in a project of such magnitude. I learned from this experience not to be afraid to express yourself and not give up if you want to get what you want. I learned how much you have to work to be satisfied with the results and win. I'm happy that I had the chance to attend such a competition in which I learned wonderful things that certainly will help me in the future.
Student, National Informatics College - Piatra Neamt

Our team found this project very educational. We believe that ecology is a very important topic today and we are happy that we tried to help. This experience will motivate us in the future to help nature by participating in more activities of this kind.
Pupil, O. C. Tăslăuanu High School - Topliţa

Greenovation Challenge helped me to realize that we can find solutions to problems in society even if we are not adults and that success requires work, through active involvement and by combining ideas and improving team members. Participation in Greenovation Camp was a unique experience that enhanced my leadership skills, communication, presentation, teamwork, and that I hope to have the opportunity to repeat in the future.
Student, National Informatics College - Piatra Neamt

Greenovation Challenge was an enjoyable experience for me and a challenge at the same time, because I had the opportunity to express my ideas with my colleagues and to be heard and appreciated by experts. This validation makes us confident and gives us wings for future projects. Within Greenovation Camp, we met new people, I made new friends and learned a lot about myself and others, about renewable energy and circular economy from the invited volunteers. I was able to communicate easily teamed up with students from Norway, because of the exercises and practical applications.
High School student O.C.Tăslăuanu Topliţa

Within Greenovation Camp, we all participating students have learned a lot, not only about the environment and the existing problems, but also about the entire process of a team project, about communication and presentation of ideas. Because our environment is our future and we must be aware of the influence that all of us have on it, we must think ahead and propose solutions to real problems that exist in our communities, to demonstrate that we care about the planet and nature and other people - and participation in this project was the first step in this direction.
Student from Naustdal Skule Norway